What sets us apart?

All searches include the following: a fully typed report, full copies, a word document of the legal, recital, requirements and exceptions, a printed tax page, SDAT page, and indexing.

Our turn times are respectable and our work is thorough. The completed work is uploaded to your user dashboard and will be available for download directly from our website. Additionally, will be alerted when the work is done by an email. Pricing listed below is for the occasional user of our products. If you have multiple users or have high volume needs, please contact us to set up a company account and get pricing. We will prepare a service agreement with our pricing, terms and conditions.

Types of Abstracts We Offer

Bring to Date


If you have ordered an abstract and you need it updated before settlement.

1 Owner Search


This search covers the current owner only back to their title deed.

2 Owner Search


This search covers back to the prior owners title deed.

60 Year Search


Industry standard for purchases. This search covers a full 60 years.

Commercial Search

Call for quote

A 100 year search plus additional work is required for commercial properties.


$30 per policy

We can draw your final policies for you after you have settled and disbursed.



We can record your documents for you.



Pricing based on travel, transaction type, time, number of parties signing We have licensed staff and Notaries to help you handle overflow and off hour settlements.

Meet Our Team

A seasoned professional and barred attorney, JW has almost 18 years of title industry experience.

- J.W. Walker
Partner - Spearhead Abstracting, LLC

A long time veteran of the Real Estate industry, having almost 20 years of experience.

- Diana Kuhn
Partner - Spearhead Abstracting, LLC

A soon-to-be TIP with an eye for detail.

- Michael Kuhn
Reviewer - Spearhead Abstracting, LLC

An experienced, veteran abstractor who has many years of experience with abstracing in Maryland, as well as other states.

- Barbara Hall
Abstractor - Spearhead Abstracting, LLC

An experienced and knowledgeable IT professional with the added skillset of critical thinking, problem resolution and logistics planning.

- Kris Gilbert
IT & OPs Manager - Spearhead Abstracting, LLC